7 Ways Small Businesses Benefit From Search Engine Optimization Services

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Search engine optimization (commonly known as SEO), greatly increases the chances of your business being featured right at the top of search engines – most notably Google. This could mean millions of extra views or impressions for your company or brand. And the best part of it all? It is organic! Many people think that SEO is overrated and dead. Some others advocate that SEO services do not add any essential benefit in online marketing strategies. Wrong. Yes, it might ...

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A 7 Step Introduction & Guide To Web Applications And Platform Architecture

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The World Wide Web is built on bits and bytes of information sequences. Having these as the building blocks of the most appreciated and used resource pool on the planet, it is useful to know how they can in turn be used to serve our daily needs on a functional level. This is of utmost importance especially if we want to be in a prime position to create something ourselves.

Here is where the various web applications and platforms come into ...

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“THE WEB IS SOCIAL”. And it has been for quite a few years now… And because we know how this “social web” is important for our lives and businesses, it just makes sense to affirm that being active on social networks will increase our chances to be found online.


But how important is Social Media for your SEO strategy after all? Does it mean that the more successful your pages are, or the more active pages you have, the better you’ll rank on Google? ...

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When it comes to e-commerce websites, design and usability is key to achieving high conversion rates. Major e-stores, however, still fail in providing useful, navigable product filters. Poor filtering leads to frustrated visitors, who struggle to find and buy the product they’re looking for.

While most businesses implement categories into the e-commerce platforms, they’re unaware that product filters are incredibly important too. A recent study found that only 16% ...

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Let’s assume you’re an entrepreneur living in Hong Kong and are interested in the world fastest growing consumer market. But you are daunted by the level of bureaucracy that hosting a website in the mainland apparently involves?

You would like to own a website to serve Chinese users, but you are afraid to hire hosting services from “outside the Wall”, fearing your webpage will be blocked or under-perform?

Or you are dreaming about selling your products to Chinese consumers. But you are unsure as to how far ...

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Some website managers and small business owners, new to the topic of Search Engine Optimisation, tend to use broad keyword terms to describe their company and products on their website and blog articles.

This (lack of) strategy often results in missed ranking opportunities, as by targeting general terms they will be put side by side with big companies with a lot of time and money to spend on their SEO strategies.

If you are, for example, a small store in Hong Kong that sells beach hats, and you ...

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The Psychology of E-Commerce Sales. Finding Your Way to Conversion BLISS!

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If you are a Hong Kong entrepreneur like many of our readers, aspiring to materialise your business idea into tangible online products or services. Or even expand the reach of your existing products to new clients and territories, setting up an E-Commerce website is the way to go.

However, being successful online is not easy…

“Converting visitors into buyers is a careful balancing act between giving consumers enough information, without overwhelming them with meaningless noise that may lead them to go elsewhere”

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Create pages that converge! CONTRAST in UX Design

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Human beings have evolved to notice contrast. In order to survive, we have learned to associate, to compare and categorise similarities and differences.

Our ability to quickly notice differences is what makes contrast so powerful in UX design. Contrast attracts attention. It draws the eye. It gets noticed!

By giving your web pages characteristics that are visually different from the elements that immediately surround it, you can create points of interest and emphasis.

There resides the power of contrast in UX Design!


HOW TO ...

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Would you choose to browse in a shop with broken windows? Or stick around if it proved impossible to find the products you wanted? Would you spend money in a cluttered and messy store that looks like a relic from the Middle Ages?


Just as window displays give passersby an insight into each small business on a street, your website design lets visitors look into your company. Quality web design does matter ! 


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3 Local SEO Strategies For Your Small Business In 2015

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Throughout history, we have transformed and been transformed by the technology we use. The objects we invent shape the way we communicate, the way we interact with each other and the way we do commerce.

The spectacular ramping in the use of mobile devices for surfing the web, for socializing and more and more for buying (especially through dedicated Apps) is shifting the way people search online and becomes a great opportunity for savvy small and micro business owners today.

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