What is meant by Online Reputation Management (ORM)?
Online Reputation Management does not imply any technical things, it simply means managing the reputation or image of a company or of an individual online.
In most of the cases, disatisfied consumers, haters and even competitors remain disguised as fake clients and post bad comments, testimonials any other such things online to damage the reputation.
Very often , we come acorss a number of clients asking us that they have seen bad posts, threads, testimonials etc. about their business or persona online. They complain that these bad posts are posted on internet forums, article resources , blogs or even individual sites.
They feel quite compelled to see bad post links while they Google their names, company or brand. It indeed might tarnish the image of the brand online.
You can easily imagine as to how it may feel and how much pain it could give to the sufferers. This is where we come in picture with our online reputation management (ORM) service, we restore online reputation by demoting those attack links and promoting good posts throughout.
What harm can a Bad Post do to your business?

  • Many individuals, before buying or acquiring services, tend to search in Google the details of the individuals or business. Now imagine how it will affect your business, profession or personality online if they get to see some real bad comments
  • A bad post can give your customers a fright or might spread negative thoughts among your fans and followers.
  • It amy churn your online reputation completely, scare your customers, your followers and your fans away.

Do you wish to let it happen?

We Know your answer !

Isn’t it a big NOOOOOOOOOOOO?

So what can we do to restore or save your online reputation?
We simply can demote bad post ranking sites from Google and can promot good posts into rankings instead.
Here are some examples We have helped companies in −
Case Study # 1:
This might seem to be a bit funny story to you but it is a real corporate ORM Case Study: Some years ago, New Jeresy Police came up with a plan not to catch prostitutes but to catch thier customers instead. They planned to make some arousing postings at Craigslist Adult Ad section, almost 11 people gave calls to the given contact number on the ad, heh he he!, one of them was an Indian DJ in New Jeresy, he could not help to call to setup an appointment and police welcomed him in bars :D.

You may imagine what might have been happened thereafter.

He was out on bail but the news went published allover in local newspapers online. Once the guy googled his name and he found that all those news were coming up in top rankings. He was dumb-founded. He wanted his wife and his friends not to see them, if so his wife could have taken well care of him in her own way. Poor guy was so much caring for his wife (what if he slipped a bit! ??) so this stressed him a lot, he searched for solution everywhere and finally the search ended at Karma. At Karma Technologies, we took the immediate actions but found that all three links were coming in rankings with the keyword. What we did was we promoted almost 50 links to push the newspaper listings on 5th page of Google. He heaved a sigh of relief.

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