Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

8 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Your website is your number one salesperson attracting qualified traffic leads and sales round the clock, even on holidays. Still, when you look at your current website, something feels off. Just ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a feeling that while your site is technically current, it looks and feels out-of-date?
  • Is your traffic plateaued?
  • Do you see the results you are looking for?
  • Are your leads coming in at a low trickle, if at all?
  • Is your sales team hungry for more than the digital scraps that they are currently getting?

If the answer is in the affirmative, then it is time to pull the trigger to redesign your website.

Digital marketing has to be on point. So how do you know when you need to redesign your website? In this blog, we will discuss eight ways to evaluate your website.

1. Not getting enough leads from your site?

The main motive of your website is to build interest in your products and services and give you good leads that can convert to actual sales. You may have found that your website is not doing this right now. If you are not reaping the results you want from your site, it is time for a change. However, just because you are not generating the leads you want, it doesn’t mean that your entire site needs to be redesigned. Maybe you only need minor changes.

2. Is the bounce rate of your site high?

Your website design has a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate means that most people who visit the site leave after viewing only one page. In some cases, the reason could be a lack of information, but in most cases, people leave when a site is unresponsive or unprofessional or is challenging to navigate. A more than 70% bounce rate is alarming for sites not primarily blogs, news, and events.

3. Is your site less responsive to mobiles?

You are probably familiar with mobile responsiveness or mobile design philosophies, but do you know what they mean? Firstly, note that a mobile-friendly website isn’t necessarily the same as a responsive website. Mobile-friendly websites are easy to view on mobile devices, but the navigation might not be user-friendly, and there can be issues when viewed at higher resolutions.

On the other hand, responsive websites automatically adjust based on the size of whatever screen they are viewed on. This will render the most seamless experience across different devices. A more responsive website will also mean lesser maintenance costs for you. You will not require to create different versions of your site, one for desktop and the other for mobile.

4. Dated design and slow page loading

Design trends come and go probably too fast for you to be able to keep up with. You might not know what they are called, but you may have seen these trends on the websites that you have visited. As trends age, they can make your website look old and outdated. If a person finds your website and thinks it looks dated, they might also feel that it is not maintained. Thus, it can give them a wrong first impression. Even worse, some of these trends might involve unnecessarily complicated design elements that can drastically slow down your page. If your page is dated and slow to load, the chances are that users might abandon your website and look somewhere else. Please look at some recent website designs to see how they stack up to what you have.

Technology is constantly changing, and the web is no exception. Considering how your website was designed and implemented, there could be functionalities that no longer work because of changes to web standards. For instance, have you ever noticed that your website works differently on different browsers? That could mean that the browser had an update and is no longer compatible with that element of your website. As a result, you may have essential features of your site that just no longer work anymore.

8 Signs It’s Time for a Website Redesign

5. Usability and web accessibility

It is not sufficient for your website to look great. For example, if the layout is disorganized and confusing, people won’t find the relevant information they are looking for. This is especially an issue if your website wasn’t designed with usability and accessibility in mind.

Usability relates to everyone who interacts with your website. Web accessibility is a little bit different as it refers to people with disabilities. For example, images should have ALT TEXT for users who need screen readers when viewing web pages.

6. Free website themes have major limitations.

It is hard to stand out when you are using a free template used by lots of other websites, not to mention that the SEO and marketing capabilities of these websites are limited. If you had a website designed using a free theme, you could face the following issues:

  • A hyperlink in the footer of every free theme provides a backlink to the website that created the theme. This lowers the ranking of your site.
  • Security issues
  • Issues related to mobile responsiveness
  • SEO concerns
  • Compatibility issues and are difficult to modify.
  • Free themes lac customer support

So, if you had your website designed with a free theme, you should probably start considering redesigning it.

7. Changes in business goals

When you rebrand your business, you tend to reposition yourself in a more aligned, appealing way in the market. Your target audience has been altered, and you need to appeal to them more, or maybe your products and services have changed. So. as your business goals change, you might realize that it is time for a redesign. Your website design should always reflect what your business does and whom your business helps. So, these are the key indicators of the need for a website redesign.

8. Your website design lacks good CMS

Can you easily update content on your site? Do you have a CMS built into your site, or are you working on some legacy platform? Do a website redesign on a good CMS and get your site redesigned on a maintained CMS and has a good development community. That will be very helpful because you can update content consistently, considering how vital content marketing is in the current scenario.

Remember, you need to simultaneously meet market expectations while standing out from the crowd. This is where a web designer can help you hone in on your vision and communicate your vision to your customers effectively. Website redesign is a time-consuming process. However, it is often incredibly valuable to outsource an agency because professionals know exactly how to utilize your business as a tool to skyrocket to your goal achievements. Although this could sometimes be more of an investment, it is most worth it if this sort of change boosts your goals.

Reach out to us if you are facing any issues with your website. We will be happy to discuss your website redesign goals and suggest the best plan of action.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]