Beginner’s Guide To Online Reputation Management


Today, everything that happens in our lives or businesses gets shared online and while this can help present some great opportunities, it can also be a source of ruin. The internet has a pretty long memory and anything that is posted, be it a bad review, comment or an embarrassing photo can deal a huge blow to your reputation. This permanent record of your business or life should be carefully controlled and this has brought up the need for online reputation management. Whether it’s an angry customer, a disgruntled past partner or any other, any negative comment posted online can damage your reputation irreparably. However, the rules of removing internet content posted by other people can be an arduous task and require the attention of an expert. Here is the beginners guide to brand reputation management.


The importance of online reputation

If past embarrassments are left without being removed, they may have serious long term implications. These days, most people search for what they want using Google, but luckily, they just look at the first page, not the second. This means that if something good concerning you appears on page one, you don’t have to get worried. However, a negative thing must send you into a panic mode. Anyone who searches about you or your business can easily make a decision based on the results obtained. About 80 percent of customers who buy online first do their research and only shop from outlets that have good brand reputation. If people like, comment or share negative comment about your brand, it will appear top on Google.

Google auto complete option

Check your personal brand and online brand

Start by typing your brand or name on Google and take note of whatever comes up. If you are active online, especially on social media platforms, you will be able to see your list of profiles as well as the content you have posted. However, if you start adding letters at the end of your name, you will be amazed to see what others have been typing about your brand or name. If there are negative issues, it’s imperative that you address them in the most appropriate way.

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Tackling online reputation management

Today, any bad experience by a customer is exposed online in the form of posts, pictures or reviews and this can leave your brand badly damaged. If you don’t get the issues addressed, your sales will plummet. But before hiring an online reputation management expert to employ reverse SEO tactics to get rid of the negative posts, you must ensure you are delivering whatever you have promised your customers.


How you should respond to negative comments

Google change its algorithms regularly, therefore making it a little harder hiding comments or reviews which are associated with your brand. Embrace the negative comments that have been made against your brands. More possibly, the comments posted online show how people perceive your brands and you should strive to improve. You can avoid further meltdown of your brands by working with an experienced online reputation management agency.

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