How to Get More Google Reviews for your local business

Image, Google Reviews for your local business


Whether you are a real estate business, a small store business in your suburb, or a local coffee shop, people can see your reviews on Google.


Why do Google reviews matter?


  • 86% of people will pay for a proven better experience.
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 68% of consumers trust opinions posted online by other review

It is more likely that Customers will share a bad experience over a good one.

72 % of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust businesses more.

Reviews help define your image for customers who use them for their research. Reading reviews can help speed up decisions regarding purchases. Businesses that get good quality reviews tend to get high Google rankings. So it is very advantageous to optimize your profile for Google reviews.

In this write-up, we are going to showcase how to get more Google reviews from customers. These are reviews that customers can leave behind once they have visited your store or purchased a product or service.


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1. Get a Google review link

Every business has a unique link. When someone clicks on it or types it into Google, they will take you directly to your listing, where they can leave a review. Once you have this link, you can email people in a follow-up, you can text people, you have clients texting past customers and people they have built relationships with. So get this link.


How to get a Google review link?

You need the link to give to your customer. If you ask them for a Google review, they will not know how to do this. You need to send them the link. But how do you do that?


  1. All you need to do is to log into your Google my Business account.
  2. When you first log in, you come to your home screen, and on the right-hand side, it says share review form. Your review link is right there.
  3. So, all you need to do is – right-click, copy, and you now have your review link.
  4. Now, you can email that link to yourself so that you have it on your cell phone, in your email.
  5. Open the email on your cell phone and copy the link.
  6. Now open your contact list of your customers that are there, and you say-” Hey, if you liked my service would you mind giving me a five-star review ?” and provide them with the link.
  7. All you customers need to do is read your text message, click on the link and then give you a five-star review.

You may be a karmic mechanic shop, doctor’s office, dentist or chiropractor, or whatever business. Whenever your customer is giving you his insurance card or is paying you, you should not fail to install an iPad on a little kiosk on the desk. Suppose after your customer had a tooth fold filled or got his brakes done in his car, just set up the iPad on your desk. If you have a reception area where you have people coming in, then after every service, people could leave their reviews right there on the iPad.

The important thing is that these reviews are coming from the location where the person is. The person is actually at the place of your business, giving you a review. Google knows that through their location device. This makes your review all the more powerful and authentic.


2. Order small Thanks packages from Google.

You can order the small thanks packages from Google. This is a free personalized marketing kit that helps you show off your views and gives you materials to encourage people to lever more reviews. It gives you a cool table tent because you can put it right there by your register or somewhere in your business to encourage people to leave reviews. They give you stickers that you can put in your window or on your door. This is all for free.


3. Create a graphic to encourage reviews

You can create a graphic to encourage more reviews from customers. This graphic can be put on television on your wall, a digital picture frame, or anywhere on your business premises.


4. Follow up with every single customer.

Ask your satisfied customers to drop in a review. This can be done well in person but also through email and text. Follow up with them, and this is going to double your Google reviews. Every customer that leaves a review means more attention for your business online, and more engagement means higher rankings.

It is essential to get positive Google reviews, but it is even more important to respond appropriately to them, even if they are positive or negative. As a small business owner, you can respond to any of the reviews that come in through your Google my business account. You can do this via desktop or mobile. Whenever a review comes in, it flashes on your mobile, and you can respond right away. People, in general, will respond and trust a business when they take feedback that is given to them. Your feedback lets your customers and those who support you know that you care for them and respect and nurture the relationship.

Timely response

It is imperative that you respond promptly. Respond to reviews within a period of 24-48 hours. This is perfect practice. As a small business owner, you may be busy, but the sooner you respond, the better it is.


Name magic

Use your customer’s name if the customer’s review is via their Google account, and make sure that you thank them. Please give them a thank you. Show that you appreciate them for supporting your business. A genuine thank you goes a very long way.



Take into account grammar and some of the words that you are using. When you respond to a Google review, you can place in their keywords to further optimize your business. It is recommended that you keep your reviews well-written with good punctuation and grammar. If somebody mentions something specific about your business and you want to amplify that keyword, utilize it in your response. Please take it to your advantage and optimize your Google My Business page.



After you have appropriately responded to a positive review, why not repurpose that review and share it on social media? Utilize it in your internal marketing efforts or even post it on your website.


Responding to Negative Reviews

This is more challenging than responding to positive reviews. But, did you know that 70 % of the people are more likely to come and visit your business if you respond to a negative review? So, first things first, when a negative review comes in, it’s an emotional response. Figure out what went wrong and respond appropriately. Ask questions for clarity if there is a misunderstanding.


Optimize your CTAs

You can create irresistible CTAs and entice your customers to leave a review. An example of such a CTA is –” Leave a review and receive up to 10% off on your next purchase.”

A call to action is just a small button or a small sentence, but that does not make it less critical. The first thing you need to do is define the purpose and goal of your message. Your CTA should always support the intention of your message.


  • Keep the CTA short and precise.
  • Your CTA should always stand out from the background it appears on.
  • Use bright colors for your CTA to attract the visitor’s eye.
  • Always use the same font throughout your website and your CTA because consistency shows control and expertise.


Good customer service means excellent reviews.

It is incredibly frustrating when your clients are unhappy with your product or service. A bad Customer service can crush your business. Within minutes hundreds of your prospective customers can see your company’s bad reviews.

On the flip side, they can also see your good reviews. Providing excellent customer service that will exceed customer expectations give you loyal customers with repeat business. This eventually increases your revenue and grows your business.

Beware of the three things every customer wants:


  • To be heard.
  • To be understood
  • To be cared for.

Good customer service is all about making your customers feel important and special. You will then never be short of positive reviews for your business.

Conclusion: I hope you got value from the blog to take advantage of Google reviews. Follow the tips and make sure that your business is visible on page one of Google with tons and tons of fantastic reviews. For more help, catch up with our team.