Web Design

Design of your website/mobile site or App, should be centered around your users needs, (also called user-centered design or UCD).
This means we begin with research, reference material to create blueprints or wireframes of the pages and layout for a professional structured foundation that will convert more of your visitors into customers.
This coupled with our experience and fresh approach, ensures that your site/mobile/App design will not only look professional, but most importantly, work hard for your business.


We will continue to revise and tweak your design until you are happy to sign off each page.
Please see some of our work here.
We offer 2 choices of web design based on your budget
Option 1: We will present you with a template design for your approval. We will make a small number of adjustments if required (for example colour scheme) and this will form the template for the remaining web pages as agreed by you:
Advantage:The cost is reduced
Disadvantage: It is a template, and therefore the scope for change is limited.
Option 2: Our graphic design team can provide you with a totally new design from the ground-up. We will make a number of adjustments if required based on your feedback and this will form the template for the remaining web pages as agreed by you:
Advantage: Totally unique and your design that incorporates your ideas, other websites you like and is completely unique.
Disadvantage: A more costly option in comparison to the template.

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