Jeff Smith

Managing Director,Karma Technologies

Our priority is that your projects are delivered according to your specifications, and right on time.
Karma is really about applying best practices to technology based on our years of experience. We’re always looking to the future to see how your business can gain visibility with all of the different technologies out there in the world today; handheld devices, touch pads and widescreens for example.

Our experience varies widely, from the technologies we employ, to end-user usability and what a visitor should do when they arrive at your website. Your website should look the same on all browsers, and we have a strong experience in cross-browser compatibility. We focus on helping you with website maintenance after launch – hosting, getting more traffic to your website and supporting our clients.

Karma Technologies was started as a web development company in UK, in the year 2004. Today, we operate globally. Karma technologies has recently set up its office in Hong Kong to supervise the business Asia.

Karma offers quality and prompt solutions for web application development like E-commerce and the online shops,Desktop applications and Intranets . At the same time, we have proved our niche in providing the services for data mining and for hosting for your website .

We are known to provide a bespoke service and take great pride in every of our projects. Knowing that small things do matter a lot, we work closely in tune with your need to create something that exactly matches with what you want.

Offering the best on quality of everything, we promise not to blind you with science. We’re an approachable bunch completely. Easy to talk to and happy to help every time you get in touch

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