2019 – Your Website Strategy:

Karma is a Digital Marketing, SEO Agency and Consultancy in Hong Kong for Small to Medium size (SME) Businesses along with Web Development and Website Design Services.

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For Example:

  • Am I selling Products on my website?
  • Is the purpose to collect a mailing list of subscribers and communicate with them – with a proven strategy to turn them into a potential member of your online community or a customer?
  • Maybe Get people to join one of your Social Media Channels and get followers on:
  • Become part of Google’s Digital Media Channels, housed all under one account, such as:
    • YouTube
    • Google Business Pages
    • Google Maps
    • Google+
    • Google Marketing Channel integrated with Analytics to measure activity on your site and channels
  • And what about a Blog

Lots to think about and lots of time to keep updated. Do not think you have to be doing ALL of this – none of us have the time as SME’s.

SO YOU NEED A STRATEGY – and here’s an example:

Optimise Your Website:

Your Online Strategy starts with a good optimised website and is usually central to all of the satellite digital channels around it. You also need a RESPONSIVE MOBILE DEVICE EXPERIENCE to optimised your Business so for smaller screens?

Business Goals:

YOU HAVE 7 SECONDS TO CATCHT THEIR ATTENTION – with an image, a killer headline or a video play button. This is engagement and a step toward forming an online relationship with your customer

Keep the User Journey Simple:

If there are too many pathways and choices on your site, they may miss your goal. The Simpler the better – less words, ensure only a few chances to do what you want them to do.

Measure the User Behaviour to your goal:

Depending on your business Goal, Both Usability and Analytics need to follow that journey to get to the goal. If these are measured, they will reveal any obstacles or successes. An example is reaching the thank you page after purchasing – is a successful goal.

Contact us to speak to a Consultant at no cost and we will:

  1. Have an introductory Call to introduce ourselves
  2. Provide you with a FREE Health-check of your current site
  3. Set up a meeting, to go through the report and highlights and issues that need addressing

Our job at Karma is to ensure you Business Goals are reached without any obstacles.

This is called your Online Strategy. And then if you like us and wish us to undertake the work, we would be delighted to. We follow Industry standards and and Best practices

  • We fulfil what engages people
  • The search engines can read and like and index your site

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