Improve Your Business Online:

A Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation Agency and Consultancy in Hong Kong can help you ensure your website is optimal and looking to the future and with a design that is right for your business

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Discuss Your Business Goals with us

For Example:

  • Your E-commerce goals
  • Is the purpose to build up a subscriber mailing list of interested viewers and communicate with them via a strategy to convert viewers/site visitors into customers or sales?
  • Build a community using one of your Social Media Channels and get followers on:
  • Build Digital Business Channels
  • Create a Blog/Journal/Diary/Tips Forum

Optimise Your Website:

Improving your business online means you will need a fully optimised website (which search engines like).
This is central to other related social media channel you run that feed into the main website.

It is important to have a website that is responsive and shows content correctly according to which device (desktop, mobile or tablet) you are viewing from.

Online Business Goals:

REMEMBER YOU ONLY HAVE A FEW SECONDS TO CATCHT A VISITORS ATTENTION ONLINE – with an image, a killer headline or a video play button. This is engagement and a step toward forming an online relationship with your customer.

Keep the User Journey Simple:

If there are too many pathways and choices on your site, they may miss your goal. The simpler the better – less words, ensure only a few chances to do what you want them to do.

Measure the User Behaviour to your goal:

Depending on your Business Goal, measuring the user journey to get to the goal is important and will reveal any successes or obstacles in your website. An example is reaching the thank you page after purchasing – it’s a successful goal.

Contact us to speak to a Consultant at no cost and we will:

  1. Call you to Introduce ourselves
  2. Provide you with a FREE Health-check of your website
  3. Meet with you, to discuss your online requirements

Our job at Karma is to ensure your Online Business Goals are reached.

We will develop an Online Strategy tailored for you. And then if you like us and wish us to undertake the work, we would be delighted to. We follow Industry standards and and Best practices

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