How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure Against malware attacks

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How to Keep Your WordPress Website Secure Against malware attacks -Featured Image

Security in WordPress is something to be taken very seriously. WordPress is the most sought after Content Management System, and popular large well-known platforms security are frequently attempted as a challenge to hackers. 

The security of WordPress websites is at stake due to the ecosystem and framework of your site. The themes and plugins installed on your site make them prone to malicious attacks from spammers and hackers. It is imperative to guard your site because malware attacks can disrupt your ...

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How to Improve Your Google Search Results through Schema Markup

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How to improve Your Google Search Results through Schema Markup

What is Schema? is an initiative that was launched on June 2, 2011, by Google, Bing, and Yahoo. A collaboration of the world’s most significant search engines creating and supporting a standard collection of schemas for data markup on web pages. 

Schema Markup is microdata, which, when added to your webpage, amplifies the description in the search results. These enhanced descriptions are better known as rich snippets.

What makes structured data or schema markup important?

-> 90 % of customers report that they ...

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The importance of a website menu hierarchy for reader usability and SEO

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Reader usability and SEO - Karma Technologies

A clean, organized, and logical menu hierarchy enhances reader usability which directly impacts conversions or delivery of your goals. A complicated and poorly designed webpage is sure to confuse a visitor, damaging your chance to engage with them. 

Hence, proper website structure is crucial to achieving good website ranking.

Google’s ranking algorithm considers many aspects of a website when ranking it. The usability of a website assumes immense importance for search engines because the search engines assess a website from the ...

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The Most Important Questions To Ask A Marketing Agency on how to succeed online with your business?

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Every business requires a Marketing agency to succeed online. The agency takes the reigns of your business in its hands and lets you concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

Choosing a marketing agency for your business is a critical decision. Many Digital agencies in Hong Kong boast about their previous projects, and it is imperative to conduct thorough research. Some critical questions you must ask before hiring a Digital Marketing Agency are:

1) How can your Digital Marketing Agency help ...

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Website Design or Online Marketing -which is more important?

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A website is the core of the online part of your business as it makes the products, services, and mission directly visible and accessible to the audience.

A website needs to have an excellent design because a good design will draw customers towards it and engage with them. Now, marketing the design online improves your websites rate of converting a visitor into an action like buying something or subscribing to your site. 
The factors affecting both the Design and Digital Marketing ...

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