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Why to host with Karma only?

The primary reason for why our clients host with us is the quality support offered by our team.

It is quick, reliable, authentic and is offered directly by our team based in the Hong Kong, which clearly means that there is no need of call / contactl centres abroad or any automated systems.

 Server and Hosting From Hong Kong

Whether your website is meant for Ecommerce or it is database driven, or it has just one page, we can cater to all of your hosting and email needs.

Our Website hosting package is combined with:

  • Highly customised and secure admin panel
  • MySQL database support
  • FTP accounts
  • email (POP 3 email accounts, online webmail supports)
  • Extensive Mailing lists Supports
  • Daily back-ups
  • Constant upgrades
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Hardware backup
  • Remote support from Karma Technologies

Website hosting generally means storing information pages at a remote location (servers) from where people can access those pages over the internet. There are plenty of Website hosting options and plans available in the market today. Many website hosting plans are offered free of cost and have sponsored advertisements on the hosted web pages. Such plans can be used hosting a personal website or a single page. Businesses and organizations of all sizes usually use enterprise level premium fee based web hosting plans.

A typical Website hosting process would involve the steps mentioned below:

  • Creating needed set of web pages on the local machine.
  • Web space is acquired based on the platform and programming language which the pages are created in. For instance, if the pages are created in ASP then Windows based server should be opted, or if the pages are in JSP/PHP, Linux based server must be obtained for glitchless and faster performance. Furthermore, , if the website is comprised with simple HTML pages then any type of web server would suffice.
  • If the requirement of the website demands interactions by users or there is a need for some data to be stored then it is needless to say that the adequate database space should be procured. For e.g. MySQL, Oracle, and so on.
  • The amount of web hosting space which will be required for hosting your web pages needs to be determined first to avoid problems thereon. Further, it is required to be considered that the web site might grow in future and so adequate arrangements for additional web space need to be made in advance so that the problems can be avoided.
  • After the DNS of the server location is pointed to the domain name, the locally developed web pages and other relevant files can be transferred to the remote server location using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

Selecting a website hosting plan depending on the operating system, disk space, and database has been already discussed in the above paragraphs. Let us now look at different types of web hosting services available today.

  • Dedicated web hosting – entire web server is owned by a single user and is provided with the complete rights for it.
  • Shared web hosting – different users use the same web server and they share the server resources among themselves.
  • Reseller web hosting – the users can themselves act as web server owners and allow some of the other users to host their websites on their own spaces.
  • Managed web hosting – the user owns the web server completely, yet, he or she is given only limited access to resources and configurations of the server.
  • Clustered web hosting – same content is hosted on different servers. This aids in effective use of the resources.

There are many specialized services which are the parts of web hosting, they cater to file hosting, blog hosting, image hosting, and many others sort of data hosting.

When selecting a website hosting plan it becomes very important to consider the details mentioned above. However, it is also prudent to take the performance parameters, reliability and support services of the web hosting company into account.

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