Search engines look for specific parameters when deciding where to rank each website in its search results. Each engine uses a special program to scan the web for pages to appear in its database of search results. These programs are often referred to as web crawlers, spiders or indexers. Web crawlers are designed to note:

  • Links to other pages.
  • Relevant words or “keywords.”
  • Frequency of use and structure of content.

When this process is complete, a website is considered indexed. Your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) determines if it ranks higher or lower than other websites targeting the same keywords.

Why does SEO matter?

The content on your website plays a significant factor in your rankings. You can target specific keywords that receive heavy search volume.
It’s important to know what keywords consumers are searching. This helps your business modify its content. Organic SEO services from Karma Technologies help you boost your site’s position in the search results for the most relevant keywords.
There are other factors that can affect your website’s search rankings. Certain attributes boost your site’s position. Others lower it and can even cause your site to be deindexed.
A good SEO company can ensure your website has the attributes search engines like. It can also make sure your site isn’t doing anything to get penalized.
Some things web crawlers look for on your site include the following:

  • How easy your website is to view and use.
  • The software used to design your website.
  • Link building.
  • The coding and structure of a site, including its title, headings and use of META tags.
  • The presence of unnecessary code and hidden text.
  • Excessive use of keywords.

There are many benefits to ranking higher in search results.

SEO offers a fantastic return on investment (ROI). Around 64 percent of all web traffic comes to your website through organic searching. It’s imperative to maximize your SEO through SEO packages from Karma Technologies.
Competing with large companies requires more than ads and word-of-mouth reviews. You need your website to appear at the top of organic searches. You’ll see higher click-through rates, more page views and, ultimately, more sales.

Credibility is vital to winning new customers. Most people aren’t familiar with your business and what it offers. A high search ranking gives your business credibility. It demonstrates competence and shows you’re doing something right.

Search engines change their ranking algorithms constantly. Websites must adapt to stay high in search rankings. You need experts who keep up with industry changes to implement your SEO strategy.

Karma Technologies is the best and most experienced Hong Kong SEO company. We guarantee results. We have proved our services will boost your search rankings. Our clients consistently rank at the top of major search engines.

Local SEO is also vital for your small business. According to Google, 50 percent of consumers who performed a local search on a mobile device visited a store on the same day. These customers are buyers, too. Over 18 percent of their searches led to sales.
Search engine optimization is a crucial part of driving views to your business’s website. Your business can have a beautiful, functional website with the latest trends and fast response times. But if customers don’t see it when they search for buying keywords, you won’t make sales.
If you are ready to increase your web traffic, gain credibility with clients and be more competitive in an ever-growing market, contact Karma Technologies now.

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