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At Karma Technologies we are always striving to help you build strong relationships with your customers using our robust and customized CRM solutions.

You might be going through the following CRM issues:-

  • The selling channels are not integrated
  • Your entries are manual and time-consuming
  • Your CRM is complex and has excessive fields
  • Your CRM doesn’t give you reports that you can rely on for decision making

For your customers to be able to make buying decisions quickly, then you need to provide them with multiple touch points, this way they will be able to easily access the information about your company and all the details they need.

You will need to follow up on your customer’s lifecycle right from when they made their first order to when they come for another one. You will need to record and analyze all this crucial information.

To help you make strides in this, Karma Technologies brings to you a custom CRM Integration Customization HK. This solution is designed for every retail company that wants to zero in on the customer experience by getting all the channels together and using the customer analytics to make decisions.

At Karma Technologies, we have a team of experts with experience in the development of CRM platforms and Salesforce CRM Development Solutions. To be able to centralize CRM tasks we offer you a solution that integrates with online channels, mobile applications, social media and the offline stores.

Salesforce CRM Development Solutions

If you need to connect internal databases to the sales force so that you can leverage your data, then we will provide a perfect solution for you.
Our team of experts analyzes your business processes and install the Salesforce platforms for the benefit of your business.

Salesforce sales and the cloud set up

Karma Technologies supports your business objectives by configuring sales and cloud support, giving you customized email templates reports and much more.

Migration of your Salesforce

We also help you migrate all the data you have accrued in other systems to your Salesforce platform, we use metadata API tools and extract the metadata components from the cloud to the Salesforce system.


We also do provide continuous CRM maintenance and support so that we address your issues in real time without disrupting your service delivery. We also help in securing and managing your user data.

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