4 Simple SEO Strategies To Optimize For Voice Search

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Today, it’s not physically typing that gets us where we’re going online; it’s our voices. That little microphone icon is why over 60 percent of online searches are done using a mobile device and voice technology. This presents an incredible opportunity for businesses to reach their target audiences. As a leading Hong Kong SEO Agency, we recommend the following tips to implement an SEO strategy that accounts for voice searches.

4 Voice Search SEO Strategies


Before hiring an SEO company in Hong Kong, and attempting to implement an SEO strategy, businesses should understand a few things.

  • Voice searches are here to stay – An Alameda Internet Marketing survey looking at SEO trends concluded voice search to be the number three SEO trend. Voice search is not a novelty.
  • Google confirms that 20 percent of mobile searches are done by voice.
  • The growth of voice search will continue for the foreseeable future according to MINDMELD.

Strategy One


Voice-driven SEO relies on Natural Language Processing and requires SEO efforts to provide more contextual responses to consumer queries. Where before stuffing an article full of the word “sharks” was SEO 101, today’s voice queries might address the question, “how many shark species are in the world”?

Strategy Two

A staggering twenty-two percent of mobile voice queries are for local content, and 50%’ of consumers will visit a store within a day. Businesses should use focused voice search strategies to take advantage of queries for local services by:

  • Using “near me” in title tags, meta descriptions, internal links, and anchor texts
  • Using local landmarks in the same fashion
  • Using descriptive phrases about the neighborhood around your location

Strategy Three

People expect immediate results to a query. To capture leads through voice-search SEO, companies should ensure:

  • A relevant snippet of their page content appears above the fold
  • There are plenty of online reviews
  • Their business hours, contact info and physical address are present

A proven way to rank in the SERPs is by answering questions customers actually ask with your content.

Strategy Four

Good SEO starts with writing amazing content directed solely at a company’s core audience. After doing this, there is an underutilized technique of using schema markup. While not affecting page ranking directly, it can give companies an edge over competitors. Schema markup is essentially metadata which is placed into a page’s source code.

To drive traffic to your site with SEO for voice queries, incorporate these strategies into your digital copy.