App Development Hong Kong: Top 10 Trends in 2018

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Mobile apps have been at the forefront of innovation in recent years. With the ever-changing markets and modern technology, it is hard to stay competitive and applicable to the sector. App trends are changing every day and app developers need to adapt.

Mobile devices have proved to be the go-to device for businesses. Below are some of the app development trends in Hong Kong in 2018 that you should know about:

Virtual reality and augmented reality

This is currently one of the growing markets with the demand for immersive experiences on the rise. The VR and AR apps are slowly encroaching our lives and may soon change the way we do our things.

Cloud-based apps

Data storage is a big stakes game in today’s world. Every now and then, there is a need to develop an app that needs a lot of storage space, which can be integrated with wearables and artificial intelligence. Cloud-based apps are the solution, besides they promote multi-device functionality.

Wearable apps

Smart watches have created an altogether new market. Users now seem to prefer their mobile phones to be synchronized by their wearable devices for easier access.

Instant apps

These apps allow instant access without having to download them. With the numerous data stored on our phones, users are likely to prefer these apps to free up the much-needed space.


Another trend also being seen in web development. Chatbots are the way to go. With many consumers preferring 24/7 access to customer care services, chatbots are crucial for answering their questions.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Human beings being as impatient as they are, they require faster loading speeds when they click on a web link. Accelerated mobile pages are displayed while loading, instead of making the user wait.


These services trigger specific actions by personalization based on the location of the user. Businesses aim at pushing information to the relevant users. Many brands have upgraded their apps to support this feature enabling them to do so.


Gamification involves bringing gaming mechanics into a non-gaming environment. This makes interaction with the app exciting. App developers use challenges and rewards to motivate the users.

Cashless payments

Mobile phones have revolutionized the way we pay for our things. With the rise of e-commerce, there are more mobile payment mechanisms emerging. This means that in 2018, cashless payment should be supported by default on our apps.

Offline first experience

App developers in Hong Kong should have in mind that not all places have reliable internet services—especially if you are aiming at going global. An entirely online app is not user-friendly and in 2018 most brands have updated their apps to serve customers even when offline.

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