How to be successful with an e-commerce business startup in Hong Kong

Hong Kong being most preferred web territory: “Know your market, have access to them directly”, says Debra Mastaler  of Alliance-Link. Internet business is the way to reach out to unlimited global clients with the privilege of flexible timings and ‘work from home’ option. Though Internet commerce work globally, company’s base location has major impact on its success. Heavy taxation scheme of the company’s base location could be a major hindrance to revenues and profits. Taxation and other restriction imposed by home government  of affects the cost effectiveness. Online entrepreneurs all over the world found their solution through running their online business from preferable locations. Hong Kong has been considered as one among the best places suited for eCommerce. Comparatively better taxation rates and heavy client base of the country have been encouraging factors for online entrepreneurs.

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Why internet start-ups should be based in Hong Kong:

Understanding the success mantra for ecommerce startup Hong Kong, starts with knowing what makes Hong Kong you preferable spot. Setting up an eCommerce store in Hong Kong is a lot cheaper and convenient than other places. For transactions outside Hong Kong, the county’s taxation policy charges nothing. Nevertheless your home country could tax you for overseas revenues, but you can save on sales and corporate taxes. “Running with the herd is not always a great idea”, Debra Mastaler says. Banking of Hong Kong is characterized with their secure and easy approach for businesses. Hong Kong banking helps you handle various currencies of the world. When you walk out of banks like HSBC, you can get a registered HK PayPal account. Hong Kong based web corporation could be your ideal first step towards globalization approach. Hong Kong shares its border with the largest manufacturing base of the world.

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Inbound Marketing strategies for e-commerce startup Hong Kong

It is vital for marketers to dig deep into “into search, social, local mobile data”, says Jim Yu , CEO of BrightEdge. Inbound marketing is the mantra to be successful online. It encompasses search engine optimization, social media marketing, email promotions, pod-casts, video marketing and article marketing. Yahoo is the most popular website in Hong Kong,which makes equal attention to google and yahoo mandatory for an effective SEO strategy. Hong Kong’s internet base has an impressive count of 4.8 million internet users. Video marketing would be effective in Hong Kong considering 477 million online videos are watched every month. Facebook dominates the social network trends in Hong Kong with 5.3 billion page views a month. Social Media marketing would have an amazing impact with internet businesses in Hong Kong since 75% of the the social media users are working professionals, which would result in good size-up of revenues.

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Cost effectiveness involved with Honk Kong based web Ventures:

  1. Taking into account that more than 1.2 million people use web via mobile “having a mobile content strategy is no longer optional; it’s necessary”, says Arnie Kuenn, top SEO expert and CEO of Vertical Measures. Mobile marketing could reach out to 12 million mobile internet users in Hong Kong.
  2. Low CPC(Cost per click on ads) rates of Hong Kong’s sites ranging from search engines to video sharing sites to social networking sites, enables internet marketers to generate good number of leads with low advertising costs.
  3. Registering your internet business with Hong Kong is the prime step in building a financially efficient company. A personal computer,internet connection and a loyal client base is all that is needed for maintaining your internet venture once it is established. Cost effectiveness is brought into businesses of digital age by moving port to port and Hong Kong makes the best port possible.