Simple Steps for selecting suitable web hosting for small business in hong kong

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There are numerous web hosting options, but one cannot select the most appropriate web host without clear guidance from an expert who would provide information on how to match the business’ requirement to the available web hosting options.

How does one decide if a web host is suitable? Does the bandwidth and disk storage features still account? Which type of hosting service should one go with? This blog answers these questions by focusing on three main points.

    1. Platform

The most crucial decision in selecting a web host is the determination of the platform that the web server should run. Usually, the choice is between Linux and Windows. The choice is determined by two factors: one’s website and the technology used to create the website. In general, a website created using Microsoft technologies (ASP. Net) will run on Windows servers(IIS or Internet Information Services) while websites created using open source technologies (PHP, Perl, Python etc.) will run on Linux based systems (Apache, Apache tomcat). One can use the following tool to determine the technology used to create a website-

    1. Web hosting Type

      1. Free web Hosting

Free Web Hosting is preferable for creating a small website or a homepage to share with family and friends. However, it is vulnerable to data compromise because it lacks features such as customer and security support. Therefore, one should consider a paid web hosting service for hosting and for a strong and effective web presence . Paid hosting services provide more security features, owner-control and reliability.

      1. Shared Hosting

Shared Web hosting is the most affordable option for companies and individual users who want to set up e-commerce sites and blogs.

      1. Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is meant for businesses that require dedicated resources. Websites that cannot be serviced using Shared Web hosting should move to their own dedicated server. This type of web hosting is expensive and also requires prior web hosting experience.

    1. Features

It is vital that one understands and is assured of the features and resources that can be accessed or obtained from a paid and reliable web hosting company. Some of the important features are described below for our readers:

      1. Server uptime record

A serious entrepreneur should pay close attention to server uptime records and website logs. All reliable and professional web hosts will provide their clients with the ability to access their website logs and server uptime record via secure dashboards.

      1. Multiple Addon Domains Option.

Addon domains are a type of virtual hosting that allows one to manage multiple domains from a single hosting account. One must always check the Addon domain capacity before making a purchase

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      1. Site Backup

The web hosting provider should be able to restore back the client’s entire (or at least, a significant portion of the) website in reasonable time. If one is assured of this service, then there is nothing to worry about in case of attacks on the server and other disasters. Backups ensure that a copy of your website is maintained as a failsafe in case of such events.

      1. An Easy to use Hosting Control Panel

A user-friendly and functional hosting control panel is of vital importance to manage day to day operations related to your website’s hosting. Without a user friendly control panel you will be stuck with running shell commands. Shell commands are not at all user friendly and are meant for experienced users only.


      1. E-commerce Features

A reliable web host provider should provide e-commerce support features such as SSL certification, dedicated IP, and one-click shopping cart software installation. An example of a SSL secured source is

Still can’t decide the best web host to go with? What you need instead, is a trustworthy expert to tell you which hosting option best suitable for your small business in Hong Kong. Let’s connect to discuss more about your requirements. We will be glad to assist!