The 3 Components of Successful Lead Generation Call To Actions

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Getting people to visit your website presents its own set of challenges, from the use of right keywords to good custom web design, modern design, great content, responsive web systems and consistent promotion. The real action starts after someone lands on your website. To generate leads, your website needs to employ effective Calls to Action, or CTAs that elicit a response from your site visitors. It’s important you take your CTA seriously by making sure it covers each of these components for an effective lead generation strategy.

Clear, Compelling and Actionable Copy

It’s all about being clear, straight-forward and concise with your CTA. You don’t want to confuse the audience or weigh them down with wordy CTAs. Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do by starting the CTA with the desired action. Depending on what you’re trying to get them to go through the call-to-action, use verbiage that relates best. Examples include; Download Your FREE eBook Now, Subscribe to Get the Latest Industry News, Get started Today, Learn more, etc.

Show the Benefit

Give your audience the reason why they should take the desired action, i.e. what’s in it for them. You want to elicit a strong response from your audience by showing them the specific value they will get when they click. A CTA like “Buy Now and Get 50% Off!” or “Call Today to Schedule a Free Consultation” not only states the action you want the user to take, but it also provides them with a reason why they should take that action.

Design and Placement

For readers to click your CTA, it has to have a clean and eye-catching design. When designing your CTAs, use colors that contrast with the rest of your content to make them stand out. The size of your call to action should also be considered. It shouldn’t be too big that it confuses the reader or too small it gets ignored.

The placement of your Call to Action is critical to its success. It’s no use having a catchy and beautifully designed CTA if no one sees it. You want to place it in a prominent position where it can be easily identified. With more people viewing content on mobile these days, putting CTA buttons or links above the fold (top half of a page) is more important than ever. However, if the content on the rest of your page helps visitors learn more, the bottom of your page would be a great location. A visible CTA increases on-site engagement opportunities and results in improved click-through rates to your target landing pages.

Considering all of these elements will enable you to design and create a compelling call-to-action for your website. Our SEO Company in Hong Kong can help your business in its lead generation efforts by creating effective CTAs that convert leads from visitors. Contact us to learn more!