Positive Impact Of Semantic Search For SEO

Positive Impacts Of Semantic Search For Seo Company

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization or SEO, it’s a whole new world out there. The algorithms that index pages and determine rankings have evolved, removing some of the strangeholds of keyword-heavy text and opening the door to fresh, new content possibilities.

When Keywords Ruled

Originally, search engine processing was based mostly on keywords. Developers would select specific keywords to include in their metadata and their content, and the page would be ranked in searches that included those keywords. The keywords and phrases used had to be an almost exact match, creating pages that were anchored more around precise keywords than actual content. The resulting texts were heavy with the use of those keywords and phrases, creating content that was stiff, difficult to read, and hard to comprehend.

Intelligent Search Algorithms

Over the last few years, search engines have become smarter. Rather than using specific keywords to determine the content of a page, search engine algorithms now scan for the actual meaning or intent of the text, reading and comprehending it much like a human would. By including not only the keywords but also synonyms of the keywords, similar phrases and even misspellings, the search engine can more accurately rank pages by the actual meaning of the content.

Improved Content

What this all means is improved content. For the first time in search engine history, an SEO company can write web pages with intelligence, fluency and integrity. By eliminating the strict keyword requirements, the focus on a page can shift to relevant, well-written text that reaches the reader with a meaningful and powerful message.

For most websites, this means an overhaul is needed. Pages that are locked into the heavy keyword paradigm will need to be re-written to create content with more focus on clear meaning and reader impact. Search engines are now looking for understandable, quality content, so accuracy and relevancy are essential.

Where To Go

Making the move to improved webpage content, it is best to employ a Hong Kong SEO agency to update your pages. Don’t leave your website in the dark ages. Contact an SEO professional today.