Tips To Diagnosing Lost Search Engine Traffic

Tips to Diagnosing Lost Search Engine Traffic

You and your SEO Services Company worked hard on your marketing, and eventually, the results started to show. Your search engine rankings improved, and traffic began to flow towards your website. You did it! But something has changed — you’ve noticed a decrease in traffic. What’s happened? Carefully diagnosing and analyzing the root cause of your lost search engine traffic is instrumental in fixing the problem.

Searching for the Problem

Don’t jump the gun. From server glitches and technical problems to lowered rankings and keyword issues, there are several possible reasons for the loss in traffic your business is experiencing. Narrowing down the main reason requires a close look at the type of traffic loss you are seeing.

  • Measurable analytics are key in determining whether the traffic loss is both real and significant, rather than an incidental periodic drop. When possible, you should compare your traffic data over an extended period prior to the loss. Performing a comparison to the same calendar dates for the previous year can be illuminating as well. This is especially pertinent for companies who do seasonal business.
  • If there is a significant and observable drop in traffic that happened rather quickly, it’s far more likely than not that it’s a technical issue.
  • Have you recently redesigned your website? If you performed these changes without the skills and guidance of an experienced SEO Services Company, the resulting site may be poorly optimized. This can detrimentally impact established traffic.
  • Separate brand traffic from keyword traffic to better pinpoint whether the loss is caused by SEO deficits. You then need to perform keyword analyses to scrutinize the impact of the traffic loss by keywords and keyword phrases.


Once you have a better idea of what type of traffic you’re losing and where you can start drilling down to discover the most likely causes and how to fix the problem.

  • Check your links to verify that they are connecting properly. If several of your backlinks and links have dropped, this can cause lowered rankings and a resulting hit on your traffic.
  • Is it an outside issue? It might be that a competitor is pulling traffic from you. Check for significant changes to their sites to determine if this a possibility.
  • If there are no technical or outside issues, the problem may be with a change in your search engine rankings – it’s even possible that a penalty may be at play.

Professional guidance is indispensable in effectively performing these tasks. Turn to a knowledgeable Hong Kong SEO Agency, such as Karma, for an audit, to better understand and identify lost traffic issues for your business. The valuable information generated by an audit can be instrumental in helping you target areas of weakness and in mitigating the impact of this lost traffic.