What A Digital Marketing Agency can do for a Small Business in HK

What A Digital Marketing Agency Can Do For a Small Business


The strategies employed by a small business differ from those employed by big businesses that have made a mark for themselves.

For example, while both make use of social media marketing, the goals with each may be different.

Digital marketing agencies in Hong Kong working for small businesses aim to maximize the quality of results on a reasonable budget. While doing so, they take care that the quality is not compromised.

 You have to ensure that they cater to the needs of small businesses. Small businesses differ from enterprise businesses in terms of the attention that both require, and the strategies applied with them.

For instance, a digital marketing agency working exclusively for enterprise clients will differ in pricing, the number of working hours the kind of campaign used, and the strategies applied.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Small companies sometimes make a mistake of saving on their investment in SEO. Search engine Optimization allows new potential customers to search you online. Studies have revealed that 70-80% of consumers use search engines to find a Consultant offering a suitable choice of product.

Karma offers a unique approach to a holistic lifestyle of #HealthySEO™ that helps businesses achieve sustained 1st-page rankings. The strategies employed are proven over time with high success rates.

Mobile SEO

Often, users will search for businesses that appear on the first page of Google. Mobile SEO works for small businesses and helps create awareness about your brand and gain new customers by bypassing the already established brands.

Readers or visitors will always prefer websites that are readable and easy to navigate. Mobile SEO will make your website have a display that is attractive and readable, achieve a faster loading time, and thus generate more customers.

It is not necessary that you pay enterprise level SEO personnel. A digital agency can help you achieve the goal of mobile SEO and make your brand visible on local web searches.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

PPC advertising is a very demanded digital marketing service nowadays as ROI is visible directly to the brands. If you are having a problem driving customers to your website, and converting them into potential buyers, PPC advertising is one of the best solutions for you.

Advertising agencies for small businesses in Hong Kong recommend PPC advertising for quick results. It creates awareness about your brand.  Startups desire quick results and brand awareness in a short time.

Web Design

People recognize and appreciate your brand when it casts a good first impression.

Ensure that your brand engages users through design. Template-based platforms that are low in cost are much the desired choice. Although such platforms are less flexible, they owe very little maintenance and cost. Do ensure you customize it with an agency that adheres to best practices.

If your business juggles with multiple products or services and requires for its customers or management team, a personalized interface, then you should make a digital agency your choice, as you will have more control over flexibility and an easier experience when it comes to multiple changes and not charged accordingly.

Considering a maintenance program of website support with an agency is a good deal once a template-based platform meets your requirements. Such agencies provide excellent user experience through graphics that are appealing. Web support improves your perception with search engines in terms of optimum page loading, security, optimisation – these can all be achieved in an ongoing fashion with a good web support program.

Brand Identity

Another big problem small businesses face is explaining their brand to the masses. Scaling and branding is not a big issue as it can be sorted out with a digital marketing agency. Such an agency can provide you with a Consultant who can help you decide on your audience and create a great branding plan for you too.

Content Marketing Plan

Content is king for small businesses because this is what customers actively research into before they finally make a purchase. The leads yielded by content marketing are three times more than outbound marketing and are 62% less costly. Businesses working with a fixed budget plan and willing to grab customers, content marketing paves the way for them.  

If you do choose to execute your marketing plans through an agency, choose one who has a proven success rate in businesses, to ensure your dollars are well spent and aligned for the highest return.

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