White label SEO – How to prevent Google penalty?

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Important Google updates

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are increasingly becoming smarter day by day. A short while ago, Google launched a string of modifications in freshness algorithm to rank website pages. Few other popular algorithm changes for example Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird have made their way into the ranking methodology adopted by Google. Consequently, there has been lots of cleanup within web results and lots of websites with spammy on-page content and spammy backlink profiles have been hit hard.
We are seeing plenty of collateral damage, where in websites that have been using slightly blackhat or greyhat strategies to rank are also hit.

Recently, head of spam at Google, Matt Cutts, stated they’re penalizing websites which utilize spammy guest posts. Accordingly, a significant guest post network was penalized following this announcement. Another results of these changes produced by Google continues to be strategies which accustomed to work till yesterday, fail to work today. Only those SEOs happen to be successful who’ve always followed the rules supplied by Google and also have never indulged in shady practices.

How local search got affected?

The changes made by Google in their algorithms have been implemented around the globe and Google Hong Kong is no exception. Google is the leading search resource in Hong Kong. It enjoys more than 60% share of the search market. Local keywords have seen a huge drop in ranking because of these algorithmic changes and that’s why its vital for businesses to rework their SEO practices in HK asap.

Good coding does not only mean good looking webpages, it also means that the website is designed in such a way that it is easy to crawl for a search engine spider and it does not have unnecessary code. Website loading speed is also a ranking factor nowadays. Also, user experience on the website is important from a conversion perspective. Such drastic algorithmic changes by Google are likely to continue. They have been targeting spammy backlink profiles with great vigour now.

How to prevent Google Penalty ?

It is worth mentioning that it’s still possible to rank with the aid of spam backlinks however in the long run the website is going to be penalised.
Within the light of the recent changes, web development and SEO agency should ensure that their managers are up to date with the most recent happenings in the major search engines. As discussed in this post, bad SEO will do more harm in the long run compared with short term gains. Therefore, it is very important to employ an agency which has expertise in white label search engines optimisation techniques.

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