Why a good website is vital for business growth

Initiating a wondeful startup

Why quality of website matters to your business.

Having an online presence is not just about having a website with a couple of pages on the Internet. A website is a virtual showcase representing your business and gives a lot of insight to the visitors (potential customers). To understand the importance of professional web design, answer the following questions honestly.

  1. Would you like to enter a shop with broken windows?
  2. Would you like to shop in a store where it is difficult to find the products you want?
  3. Would you spend your money in a cluttered and messy store that looks like a place from the Middle Ages?

Now, replace the brick and mortar store with your website.

  1. Would you like to visit a website thats old and seems from the 90s?
  2. How long would you stay on a website where it is extremely difficult to find the information you’re looking for?

The answer in both the cases is simple – no one likes to visit a store thats unkept. No one has the confidence to do business on a website with obsolete and antique design. It indicates that Good website is vital for business growth.

Professional website development has become the key to your online success as the world is shifting to mobile first approach. Gone are the days, when one could just slap together a few web pages with the help of some software and call it a day. Things have changed rapidly, a  big chunk of users are connecting to the Internet using smart phones and tablets. A web based business cannot succeed today without catering to the needs of the smartphone and tablet users. For this reason websites designed today should look equally good and should be easy to navigate on all screen sizes. This is accomplished by making use of responsive web design. A website which changes its layout in response to the screen size.

Another thing which is equally important from a web design perspective is the navigability of the web site. Since the internet has so much to offer, website visitors have a very fickle nature. If a website is poorly designed, it does not take the visitors long to move away from the website. Modern web designers should ensure that key information and pages on their website are easily available to the website visitors without the need of too many clicks. They should follow the 3 click rule.

Web 2.0 revolution has raised the expectations of people with respect to websites. Modern websites are beautiful and functional. People prefer beautiful and functional designs on the websites where they do business.

Your website is a true reflection of your business.

A well designed website is half the battle won. The other part, which is equally important, is to bring visitors to the website. Almost every business has a website today but not every business has a web presence. Unless you are an established brand, people will not search for your brand name on search engine and on social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. Please take a look at this infographics  

The value of online marketing

Since there are a ton of websites out there competing for every possible keyword under the sun, the business goes to those who rank on the first page for the targeted keyword. The art of ranking websites on the first page of a search engine for chosen keywords is aptly called search engine optimization and we at Karma Technologies specialize in SEO and website design.

Search engine optimization or SEO can broadly be classified into two major areas which are On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. On-page SEO involves optimizing the content on the website using LSI terms and maintaining proper keyword density along with easy navigation for a great user experience. Proper internal linking also comes under on-page SEO. All of these factors have become much more important since the release of the Google Panda algorithm update, which primarily targets thin content and other on page factors.

The foundation of perfect On-page SEO starts with a well coded website. It is important to understand that even a great looking website can have big problems in its code which can result in issues affecting Search Engine rankings.

Off-page SEO includes getting relevant backlinks from related websites and local citations. Earlier, backlinks from irrelevant websites used to work wonders for high search engine rankings but with the introduction of the Google Penguin algorithm update , it has become very important to get high quality and related back links to gain and maintain rankings on the search engines.

Make your web presence stronger with our professional help

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