Website Design or Online Marketing -which is more important?

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A website is the core of the online part of your business as it makes the products, services, and mission directly visible and accessible to the audience.

A website needs to have an excellent design because a good design will draw customers towards it and engage with them. Now, marketing the design online improves your websites rate of converting a visitor into an action like buying something or subscribing to your site. 
The factors affecting both the Design and Digital Marketing of a website

Search Engine Optimization

The design of a website is directly related to the conversion rate. People think that the design of a website does not influence it’s ranking factors. It is not always the case. For example, when a search engine updates its algorithms for ranking of websites, website design often may need alteration.

With e-commerce websites, often products and services with similar descriptions are placed with the same ranking by search engines – as duplication does not go down well. Here also, the design of a website needs to be changed to have different pages for products having similar descriptions.

Karma Technologies in Hong Kong – takes these points with web design and provides you with many points to increase the usability of the design and to aid your marketing campaign through brand consistency.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Customers have a higher preference for websites that are reliable and authoritative. The first visit is a first impression of a user. If the design of a website is poor, it can give the impression of an unreliable site. Conversion rates are high for well designed websites.

Customers also prefer web designs that are simple yet functional. This task is cumbersome because both the aspects of simplicity and functionality are inversely proportional to each other and striking a balance between the two is very challenging. Simple designs are appealing to the customer, and high functionality helps to achieve a better conversion rate.


Visitors may not be technically skilled to be able to comment on the technical aspects of a website, but the look and feel of a website alone can convey positive or negative vibes. So, the design has to be very appealing to the customer. Any unpleasant feelings about the website can adversely affect the conversion rate.

The visitors must trust the information posted on the website.

The visuals used must evoke a positive response for the brand.

Karma technologies are based in Hong Kong and provide exceptional web design because we slip into the visitors’ shoes and think from their viewpoint.


The design and layout of a website should meet the requirements of Digital Marketing also. The visual aesthetics should be kept in mind. The design should not be an obstacle to Analytic tools used for data collection – such as containers that are inaccessible. 

The growing competition requires websites to employ Analytics and data collection to analyze their performance and keep pace with the competitors. A good online marketing agency can help you have a perfect design for your website with all the essential parameters of an effective marketing strategy

User experience

The user experience of a website assumes immense importance today in determining the success of a particular brand. Users like the sites that load faster, pages that open quickly and are easily navigable. They abandon a site that does not meet these parameters, and all the marketing efforts are washed off. A good web design company that understands usability, can help you achieve all that you need.

While designing a website, careful consideration of the images and content is required. The size of an image affects the speed of a website. Big images mean more loading time, and style over substance may make navigation a problem. These things can irritate a visitor, and cause movement on to other sites. At Karma  – we understand that engaging the viewer’s interest in a website is crucial to make the marketing campaign a success. So, while designing the website, the designer thinks from the sole perspective of the visitor. They take care that all the elements incorporated in the design interface enhance the User Experience – this is called the UX.

As digital marketing and designing a website go hand in hand, care must be taken to design the site to include all aspects of a good digital marketing strategy. Doing this yields great marketing benefits.

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