Would you choose to browse in a shop with broken windows? Or stick around if it proved impossible to find the products you wanted? Would you spend money in a cluttered and messy store that looks like a relic from the Middle Ages?

Just as window displays give passersby an insight into each small business on a street, your website design lets visitors look into your company. Quality web design does matter! 

quality web-design

(A beautiful website. Designed by Karma.)

Yet while an operational bricks-and-mortar store is seldom allowed to run into disrepair, the same can’t be said of some digital marketing storefronts.

Many a small business is happy to offer online window-shoppers the digital marketing equivalent. It’s too easy for a small business to forget the web altogether, but poor online usability can do as much damage as that chaotic, tatty store. The internet is a volatile environment. Quality web design ties together a beautiful website with good content and an effective usability, to keep your visitors on the right path.

A customer looking for your small business online, due to word-of-mouth or an advertisement, can be put off by a website lacking usability, or even a dated, ugly landing page. Un-beautiful websites can undermine potential clients’ confidence, actively driving them elsewhere! A good website design is vital for the health of your business.

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– Exploit and are compatible with the latest technology

– Feature good website design, particularly in terms of usability

– Utilise responsive website design to provide the same level of usability across all apps and browsers

All of which needs to be achieved with the company’s particular clientèle in mind.

web-design and SEO

Once you have incorporated the latest technology in your website design, you can actively attract visitors. Some companies with beautiful websites nevertheless have no web presence. Unless you are an established brand, people will not search for you by name, so it’s time for some SEO and digital marketing.


The principles of good SEO for the latest technology can be divided into on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEO

The overriding goal these days is high-quality, unique content that meets the needs of your clients. You often see the term replaced with “digital marketing” or “content marketing”. However, to let Google know – and pass on to potential visitors – what your page is about, it’s still important to use relevant, well-researched keywords in your URL, title, heading and image alt tags, and include them three or four times in the content.

Other important on-page SEO factors, as listed by the useful Forbes guide, include:

– Long form content (1000 to 2000 words or more)

– Crafting your page to target relevant topics

– Updating frequently while maintaining quality – usually via a blog

Off-page SEO

Off-page techniques can include: link building, for example via guest blogging, social media activity and social bookmarking, all of which are vital elements of effective digital marketing.

At Karma, we use the latest technology to make beautiful websites with usability at their hearts. We have created beautiful websites for many a small business, and know how to nurture your customer relationships via the latest technology.