Simple Steps for selecting suitable web hosting for small business in hong kong

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There are numerous web hosting options, but one cannot select the most appropriate web host without clear guidance from an expert who would provide information on how to match the business’ requirement to the available web hosting options.

How does one decide if a web host is suitable? Does the bandwidth and disk storage features still account? Which type of hosting service should one go with? This blog answers these questions by focusing on three main points.

    1. Platform

The most crucial ...

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Why a good website is vital for business growth

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Initiating a wondeful startup

Why quality of website matters to your business.

Having an online presence is not just about having a website with a couple of pages on the Internet. A website is a virtual showcase representing your business and gives a lot of insight to the visitors (potential customers). To understand the importance of professional web design, answer the following questions honestly.

  1. Would you like to enter a shop with broken windows?
  2. Would you like to shop in a store where it is difficult to ...
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5 Reasons why the future of website design is responsive

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    1. Responsive web designs are the most popular mobile web designs.

Mobile e-commerce is projected to reach $86.86 billion in 2016 according to eMarketer. More and more consumers are steadily utilizing their phones and tablets to make online purchases, and since responsive design is the most popular web design template, it is prudent that businesses which are seeking greater volume of sales through e-commerce should adopt to responsive web designs for their online business ...

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White label SEO – How to prevent Google penalty?

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Important Google updates

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo are increasingly becoming smarter day by day. A short while ago, Google launched a string of modifications in freshness algorithm to rank website pages. Few other popular algorithm changes for example Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird have made their way into the ranking methodology adopted by Google. Consequently, there has been lots of cleanup within web results and lots of websites with spammy on-page content and spammy backlink profiles have been hit hard.
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